Demo release: Outscore, a cyberpunk point-and-click adventure

For the last few months I've been working on a very special project, and now I'm finally ready to launch a demo of Outscore, a cyberpunk point-and-click adventure! 

Outscore is as much an homage to the old adventures of Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer, et al. as it is a poignant critique of the new and inventive ways technology is coercing privacy and personal freedom. Despite the bleak setting and somber themes, I'm particularly proud of how the game manages to emulate the light-hearted tone of the most popular graphic adventures of the 90's, with its sarcastic dialogues and somewhat comedic puzzles. 

The demo showcases the branching narrative structure that will be central to the game, by giving you two distinct options to complete it; if you think the game is pushing you to make unethical choices consider looking for alternative solutions. You'll interact with a small but well-realized cast of characters, solve complex puzzles, and immerse yourself in a disturbingly-realistic dystopian world.

Outscore was made using the same engine as modern hits such as Unavowed, Technobabylon, and Lamplight City, to name a few. This community's support is essential for it to be completed, so if you think a retro adventure with modern sci-fi themes is something you might enjoy, please show some love by checking out the site and downloading the demo!


Outscore - 40 MB
May 24, 2019

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WOW! Awesome game. Can't wait for the final release :D So many different paths, choices matter; not just dialogues but also item usage. Great atmosphere and promising plot. I want the full version of it asap. Would sell Hobo again 10/10.

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Fun game so far. I'm currently having a hard time progressing. I've managed to score 150 citizen points but don't know how to get more. Mind pushing me in the right direction?


Selling Hobo to the police officer is highly rewarding. Alex feels dirty though. Try to sneak on Maya as well... And bear in mind that items can be checked by rightclicking on them ;) 

The other comment has good advice. I will say that you'll need to find a way to get into Kaya's place (and there's more than one way) in order to progress. Look for objects once you're there.

If you need more clues, let me know. I might upload a walkthrough if needed.

Thanks, I was able to get more points. Where would I be able to find the ID?

To get the ID you have to inspect (right click) the wallet object, which you get after waking up the guy sleeping in the bar bathroom...  For that you'll need a boot and some water.